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Seele Dichtungsmittel (ZAY-lə DIKH-toongs-mih-təl; Ger. Seele "soul" + Dichtungsmittel "sealant") is a yellow-white drug in powder form, traded as bricks for the purpose of mind control.

Excerpt from the Grimm Diaries, likely ca. 18th century Great Britain:

"Of the many potions, nostrums and anti-nostrums, poisons and antidotes, and concoctions of delusions associated with the Hexenbiest, Seele Dichtungsmittel is perhaps the most troubling. What would God have us do but choose good over evil? Free will is the light of the human soul. Yet Seele Dichtungsmittel consumes free will, as a flame consumes a wick until the candle has melted to a puddle..."

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