Gender: Female
Type: Unknown
Relationships: Zerstörer, child bride-to-be
Status: Living
Comments: The Shaphat is potentially Diana

According to prophecies, the Shaphat (shuh-FAHT; Heb. שָׁפָט "judge" or "He has judged") is a child that a devil-like figure is to one day take to be his bride. Numerous prophecies speak of the Coming of a devil, and when Renard spoke to Dasha Karpushin, he was told that the Zerstörer very well could be this devil and that Diana may be the Shaphat. ("Where the Wild Things Were") Dasha continued on to say that prophecies foretell that the devil is to have a hundred children with his Shaphat.

Renard said that the term "Shaphat," in the context of the Zerstörer and the prophecies Dasha spoke of, means "child bride." Rosalee mentioned that Shaphat also means something similar to "deliverer" and is from the Bible, in reference to one of the few female prophets, Deborah.


  • The name Shaphat originates from the similar Hebrew verb שפט (shapat), which means "to judge or govern."
  • Shaphat has been used in reference to numerous individuals in the Bible, not just the female prophet Deborah, including five male Israelites. In reference to Deborah, however, she is viewed as a prophetess and a judge appointed by God, as well as a deliverer of her people through God, hence why Rosalee states that Shaphat refers to "deliverer" and the female prophet Deborah.[1]


  1. Woman in the Text: Deborah

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