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Other languages: German: Granitbestie
Hungarian: Kőmorzsoló
Russian: Сокрушитель
Spanish: Siegbarste
Notables: Dead Oleg Stark
Charley "Snarfer" Bonfield
Dead Keith Harrow
Dead Nate Harrow
TV Show: "Game Ogre"
"The Show Must Go On"
"Dyin' on a Prayer"
Comics: Issue 12
Books: The Icy Touch
Aunt Marie's Book of Lore
Referenced: "Woman in Black"
"The Bottle Imp"
"Cold Blooded"
"My Fair Wesen"
"Thanks for the Memories"

A Siegbarste (Plural: Siegbarstes; pronunciation: ZEEG-bars-tuh; Germ. Sieg "victory" + barst (from bersten) "burst, broken") is an ogre-like Wesen that first appeared in "Game Ogre".


Season 1Edit

"Game Ogre"Edit

Stark as Siegbarste

Oleg woged after he recognizes Nick

A Siegbarste named Oleg Stark breaks out of a prison in California and comes to Portland in order to kill those who had helped send him to prison including Hank. He successfully kills Judge Logan Patterson, Vince Chilton, and Mary Robinson. He leaves a trail of clues to try to goad Hank out of hiding. He attacks Nick in his home, demanding to know where Hank is. Nick tries to fight him off, but Stark is much too strong. When the Siegbarste realizes Nick is a Grimm, he is intent on killing him, but Juliette arrives home and scalds Stark's face with boiling water, severely burning him. In the confusion, Nick manages to grab his gun, and after repeatedly firing, Stark retreats. Nick is put in the hospital and Hank goes against Captain Renard's and Nick's orders, and goes after Stark. Nick convinces Monroe to help Hank. Monroe brings the Siegbarste Gewehr and the Siegbarste Gift to where Stark and Hank are battling. As Stark is about to crush Hank beneath a slab of concrete, Monroe shoots him with the Siegbarste Gewehr, killing him.

Season 3Edit

"The Show Must Go On"Edit

A Siegbarste named Ivan the Strongman was one of the Wesen performers of Carnival Metamorphosia. There, he would woge and crush two skulls with his hands for his act. The ringleader, Hedig, would neglect and mistreat his employees, as seen with Max Robbins. After Max loses control of his Wesen side during a performance, Hedig runs away from the chaos. Having found out that Hedig had actually killed the two women a couple days earlier, Ivan went with Damien and Genvieve to take revenge on Hedig.

Season 4Edit

"Dyin' on a Prayer"Edit

Characteristics Edit

When they woge, they gain rough, pale yellow leather-like skin, a distorted ogre-like face with a long nose, larger ears, slightly pronounced teeth, and a short, scraggly beard. They also lose their hair, and become more bulky. They possess dense bones, thick skin and a high tolerance for pain, making them extremely difficult to kill. They are incredibly strong creatures, and are able to easily overpower humans, Grimms or Wesen. They are known for their incredibly high pain threshold medically described as congenital analgesia and extremely dense bone structure, their incredible strength, potent body odor, and their tendency to carry on vendettas "to the grave."

Despite being incredibly hard to kill, Siegbarstes are not completely invincible. Certain things, such as bullets from a hand gun and boiling water can damage and hurt them, but not kill or do enough damage to stop them. They also seem to be prone to infections, based on the fact that Oleg Stark was seen applying alcohol to a gun shot wound in his chest.

Behavior Edit

Aside from being notoriously hard to kill, Siegbarstes are also notorious for holding grudges to the grave and will not stop until either they're dead or the person who offended them is dead. Siegbarstes will use unspeakably brutal methods to kill their offenders.

Tight enclosed spaces make them irritable. ("Cold Blooded")

Due to their great power, Siegbarstes don't fear Grimms, however they're shown to hate them with an intense passion, as demonstrated when Oleg realized Nick was a Grimm.


Siegbarstes can contract a particular type of foot fungus which is unique to Siegbarstes. The Spice Shop has some literature on this subject. ("The Killing Time")

Killing SiegbarstesEdit

Due to their durability, Siegbarstes are difficult creatures to kill, however there are a few ways:

  • High-powered elephant guns known as Siegbarste Gewehr with bullets coated in Siegbarste Gift (poison) will calcify the bones, essentially shattering the whole Ogre from the inside out.
  • One Grimm was able to tranquilize a Siegbarste using a crossbow and a single bolt to the neck filled with Schlaftrunk, a strong sedative. The Siegbarste was subsequently drawn and quartered.
  • Monroe states it is possible to kill them with significant force, although the chances of doing so are incredibly unlikely.
  • It is possible that Siegbarstes can die from infections based on the fact that Oleg Stark was seen applying alcohol to a gun shot wound on his chest, implying he did not want to risk it getting infected.
  • Siegbarstes can be suffocated. A Golem was able to kill two Siegbarstes by engulfing and suffocating them with clay. ("Dyin' on a Prayer")

Excerpt from Grimm DiariesEdit



Siegbarstes are extremely rare ogre-like creatures with dense bones, thick skin and a high tolerance for pain, making them nearly impossible to kill. Aside from their terrible body odor, they are notorious for, holding grudges and won't rest until they get their revenge. While not impossible to kill, high powered elephant guns with bullets coated in Siegbarste Gift (poison) are the only way to properly kill this creature. The poison calcifies the bones, essentially shattering the whole ogre from inside out. One rarely meets a Siegbarste and lives to tell the tale.
Siegbarste gift-book

(1) Harvest the Siegbarste Gift plant, which grows on the north side of trees just below timberline in Romania.

(2) After harvesting, grind down using a mortar and pestle until the plant is reduced to a fine powder.

(3) Dilute powder with water (1 to 3 ratio). Using distillation process, reduce plant to liquid and ferment. The finished product should be amber in color and pungent in smell.

Siegbarste bones

Skin thickness in Siegbarstes is significantly thicker, on average 10 - 15 mm thick, while human skin is 2 - 3 mm thick.

Siegbarste bones are far more dense and much thicker than human bones.

The Siegbarste skin is unusually thick, making it nearly impenetrable.

I've also found that the creature has abnormally dense and thick bones. Having shot, stabbed and beaten a Siegbarste, I can say that they have an extraordinary tolerance for pain, making them nearly unstoppable. In my anatomized comparison, I show the dramatic difference in bone structure and skin thickness.



Monroe: "Siegbarstes are the worst. I mean, fortunately, they're very rare, but if you ever come across one.... Well, I guess you have."
Nick: "You've dealt with one before?"
Monroe: "Yeah. When I was a kid. I mean, I didn't deal with him directly. He came after a neighbor of mine, two doors down. Their son Freddy was a buddy of mine. This guy beat Freddy's dad to death in his own garage. And then used his own tools to you know. Trust me, you're lucky to be alive."
Monroe: "These guys carry grudges to the grave. And usually it's your grave[...]Siegbarste are hard to kill. Not only do they have really dense bones, they have thick skin and body odor that could stop a train."
Nick: "They're not immortal."
Monroe: "No, they're not immortal, order to take one down, you got to get close enough to do it before they knock your block off. Unless of course, you have some Siegbarste gift[...]German word for poison[...]that stuff is so rare. I mean you could search your entire life and never find any[...]"
Nick: "What's it do?"
Monroe: "Calcifies their bones. So you sort of shatter the Ogre from the inside out. The trick is getting the poison in them."

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