This page lists characters, including Wesen, who appear only in "Silence of the Slams"

Patrick Defonte

Actor Thomas Lemieux 513-Patrick
513-Patrick woged
Gender Male
Type Balam
Status Deceased
Comments Patrick Defonte (June 16, 1983-February 15, 1983) was forcefully robbing someone when Benito approached him and told him he wanted his face. Patrick woged and told him to go away, but Benito woged into a Vibora Dorada and paralyzed him by biting his neck and injecting neurotoxins into him. While still alive and woged, Benito surgically removed the skin off of his face in one piece.


Actor George Castillo 513-Announcer
Gender Male
Type Human
Status Living
Comments He introduced the luchador wrestlers at Lucha PDX and also performed some commentary during the fights for the crowd.


Actor Barbara Deering 513-Woman
Gender Female
Type Human
Status Living
Comments Goyo bumped into her while he was leaving his apartment building, and she was frightened when she caught a glimpse of the mask he was wearing, which had fused to his head.

Uniformed Officer

Actor Joel Walker 513-Officer Clark
Gender Male
Type Human
Status Living
Comments His name was Officer Clark. He spoke to Nick and Hank at the crime scene where the body of the luchador wrestler James Vazquez, also known as El Mayordomo, was found.

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