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The Silver Plate Society was a secret upper-class Wesen society in The Chopping Block. Most members did not know one another's actual names.

Feasting ritualEdit

A feasting ritual was held every several years. Each was separated from the previous by a quarter of a century. The ritual lasted for a month, and the Chef, a specially appointed member, was responsible for preparing each meal.

Leeren StuhlEdit

The final three days would be called Leeren Stuhl (LAIR-ən SHTOOL) in German, or Empty (sometimes Open) Chair in English. Perhaps this was named so because the true connoisseurs had left, with the finest dishes served in the first week. To ensure food did not run out during Empty Chair days, the public would be invited (using cryptic invitations) to attend. Meals were prepared from any of the nonmember public who were kidnapped, Wesen and Kehrseiten alike. Additional kidnappings would take place to provide when needed.

The final evening meal was known as the Straffe Kette Abendessen (SHTRAH-fuh KEH-tuh AH-bint-ess-sin) in German, or Tight Chain Supper in English. This meal was served live. Many of the members lived for this meal since it only happened once every 25 years.

Known membersEdit

Membership was mostly hereditary. The majority of the last feasting members were Schakal, Geier, or Coyotl. New members could be inducted, and these were selected only from the most respectful of the guests who turned up to fill the Leeren Stuhl.


  • Farley (Bruno's grandfather), Dickfellig (Butcher)

1988, RioEdit

  • Farley (Bruno's father), Dickfellig (Butcher)
  • Bruno Farley, Dickfellig
  • Graham Widmark, tenth-generation member
  • Lamar Crawford, Geier, seventh-generation member

2013, PortlandEdit

In 2013, the Society came to a gruesome end when a relative of a member hired a bounty hunter to crash the party after her husband was killed for going against their methods. The Society selected Hank Griffin as the Tight Chain Supper due to his role in the hunt for the Society, but Nick and Captain Renard were able to find the Society by having Monroe infiltrate the dinner.

  • Graham Widmark, a tenth-generation member (Host)
  • Oscar Cavendish (Chef)
  • Unknown Schakal (Sous-chef)
  • Bruno Farley, Dickfellig, (Butcher)
  • Randall Vail Decker, Blutbad (Fixer)
  • Kurt Crawford, Geier, eighth-generation member


  • Host - hosts the feasting ritual
  • Chef - prepares the food for feasting
  • Sous-chef - the second-highest rank of chef
  • Butcher - slaughters the meat
  • Fixer - maintenance, chauffeur, disposal

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