There's Wesen fertility doctors in every big city, although what we're talking about is illegal. They're not gonna be, like, advertising, "Come on in for the Spedigberendess severed foot option."

Monroe, in "Bad Luck"

414-Spedigberendess Grimm Diaries
Participants: Wesen
Location: Worldwide

The practice of Spedigberendess (speh-dig-bər-EN-dis; O.Eng. Spēdiġ "lucky" + Beran "to bring forth, produce, give birth") is believed to provide good fortune and fertility to newlywed couples having difficulty conceiving a child. It involves severing the foot, preferably the left one as it is supposed to be the lucky one, of a woged Willahara and, "before relations are to begin," putting the foot beneath the bed of the couple wishing to reproduce. The fresher the Willahara's foot is, the more fertile the female will be. Conception will occur within three days of performing the Spedigberendess. Those who hunt Willahara for their feet are called Leporem Venators.



  • The Willahara feet are kept woged after being cut off in a similar treatment as Sauver Sa Peau, although the explanation of why the feet stayed woged had to be cut from "Bad Luck" for time.[1]

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