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Survive the Night is the first mission in Iberia in Grimm: Dark Legacy. It has a difficulty rating of 1/3 and takes place in an old graveyard.


October 1492

I left the comfort of Santiago de Compostela weeks ago and traveled alone since then. My feet were light and my breath never short, but the city of Huesca was still far away.

The stars would look upon me once more that night... as well as glistening eyes hidden in the shadows. It might just have been wild animals, but it could also have been something far worse. I had to stay alert!

Mannaggia tua! Huesca could not have been that far away! I just had to survive another night...


  • Pick a crude bear trap (1)
  • Read and close tip
  • Set up the bear trap
  • Survive for 3:00
  • Kill the aggressive Wolf (1) (approximately 7 times, these spawn if there is not already a wolf on the map)
  • Exit the map



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