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218-Taureus-Armenta woge
Other languages: German: Taureus-Armenta
Hungarian: Hősbika
Russian: Тауреус-армента
Notables: Markus Hemmings
TV Show: "Volcanalis"
Books: Aunt Marie's Book of Lore

A Taureus-Armenta (TAH-ree-oos arr-MIN-tuh; Lat. Taureus "bull" or "ox" + Armenta "cattle for ploughing") is a minotaur-like Wesen that appeared in "Volcanalis".



Jill Prembrey is studying a fumarole at Mount Hood and taking rock samples. When she goes back to her car, she is attacked by Markus Hemmings, who tries to take her bag of rock samples, saying that it "doesn't belong" to her. After Jill uses pepper spray on him and escapes, Markus woges into a Taureus-Armenta.

Later, while investigating Jill's murder, Nick finds out about Markus' attack on Jill, which took place shortly before her death. Believing him to be her killer, Markus is found in the same area by Wu and Nick. Realizing Nick is a Grimm, Markus flees. He is later tackled by both Nick an Wu while screaming that they're "taking what isn't yours, you've not shown respect, and now you're going to die! You can't stop it! You're all going to die!"

At the precinct, Markus tells Renard and Nick that he was only warning Jill about taking the rocks and didn't kill her. When told by Nick that he knows he's Wesen, Markus says that it doesn't matter, since "He" isn't like Nick or himself. He confides that he doesn't want to be on Mount Hood, but he has to in order to warn people of Volcanalis' wrath, and that he's seen what happens when Volcanalis rises.

In the trailer, Nick finds an entry on Taureus-Armenta, documenting the creature's courage, stubbornness and durability.

Markus' help is later enlisted, along with Renard, Monroe and Nick, to stop Volcanalis from destroying Portland. Markus takes them up to Mount Hood to take volcanic rocks, in order to lure Volcanalis out, and they go to an abandoned warehouse. When Volcanalis emerges from the sewers, Markus acts as bait until Nick, Monroe, and Renard freeze the demon with liquid nitrogen. Markus then takes a sledgehammer and smashes the frozen beast.


The Taureus-Armenta has quite a severe woge. A short grey fur grows all over the body except around the mouth where it is black. The nose reshapes to a bull snout, the browridge becomes more pronounced, the ears become bovine-like, and two long and curvy horns grow on the top of their forehead.

The Taureus-Armenta appears to be no stronger than humans, as Wu was able to overpower one. Nonetheless, they are very fast as middle aged Markus was able to outrun Nick.


Taureus-Armentas are famous for stubbornness and courage in the face of adversity. Highly respected on the battlefield, they are often found on the front lines willing to face down any enemy, with nerves of steel under fire. Known for their keen inclination to volunteer for even the most dangerous tasks, they are steadfast in their approach and are amongst the most honorable of Wesen. They do not fear death. Despite their renowned courage and strength, Taureus-Armenta are terrified of Grimms, and will not even bother fighting, and simply run if confronted by one of them.

Excerpt from Grimm DiariesEdit

Known for stubbornness and courage in the face of adversity, many have been found in the front lines; the first to volunteer and willing to face down any enemy with nerves of steel under fire.

This Taureus-Armenta was a sergeant in the German Second Army during the Battle of Somme.

He had been wounded well over 20 times by the time of his death.


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