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Terrence O'Hara
Terrence O'Hara
Roles: Director
First Episode Directed: "Game Ogre"
Last Episode Directed: "Octopus Head"
Episodes Directed: 9
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Terrence O'Hara is an actor and veteran director, who has directed various episodes for over fifty separate TV series.

Grimm CreditsEdit

Season 1Edit

Director, "Game Ogre"
Director, "Happily Ever Aftermath"

Season 2Edit

Director, "The Kiss"
Director, "Face Off"
Director, "One Angry Fuchsbau"

Season 3Edit

Director, "Cold Blooded"
Director, "Revelation"
Director, "The Law of Sacrifice"

Season 4Edit

Director, "Octopus Head"


Some of those series include, Smallville, CSI, Voyagers, Dollhouse, The Unit, Touched by an Angel, NCIS, Angel, The Shield, The Sons of Anarchy, and The Finder.

As an actor, he has appeared in Ryan's Hope, Mrs. Columbo, The Greatest American Hero, and Voyagers.

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