"The Demon came home, and he declared that the air was not clear. 'I smell the flesh of man.'" - "The Devil's Three Golden Hairs," Brothers Grimm

In the story, a boy was born with the mark of fortune upon him, and it was prophesized that he would marry the king's daughter some time in his 19th year. The King at the time happened to be traveling through the land and gained word of this youth and his prophesy. The King did not like it one bit and purchased the boy from his parents. He then cast the boy into the sea within a small box. But the box did not sink; it washed up on the shore and a childless Miller found the boy and took him for his own son. When the boy was 19, the King happened upon him again and learned that it was indeed the same baby boy he cast out into the sea long ago. So he asked the boy to deliver a sealed letter to his wife the queen. The letter stated that the boy was to be killed immediately upon his arrival. The boy quickly agreed to do the errand for the King and went on his way. Along the way he got lost in the forest, and a band of robbers happened upon him. They took from him the letter and opened it. Upon learning the boy's fate, the robbers grew pitiful of the boy and exchanged the letter for one that claimed the boy should marry the daughter of the King and Queen. In the morning, the boy woke up and found his way to the kingdom. When he arrived, he gave the letter to the Queen and was quickly married to the Princess. Shortly thereafter the King returned to the kingdom to find the boy not only alive but also married to his daughter. The King was furious and laid one final task upon the boy. He proclaimed that the boy could remain his son-in-law only if he could successfully bring back three golden hairs from the demon that was known to dwell in the Black Forest. The boy eagerly accepted his challenge and set off. Shortly thereafter, he returned with the three hairs and a massive amount of gold. The King was so impressed that he proclaimed the boy his heir, but the King, in his greed, inquired about the boy's gold and if he might claim some for himself. The boy sent the King on a quest for gold, but along the way, the King got trapped into becoming a ferryman for the rest of his days.

Just like the story, "Volcanalis" involves a terrible demon, who harshly punishes those who steal from it. And the protagonist having to use his wits to defeat a seemingly unstoppable beast.

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