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This article deals with the secret organization. For the novel with the same name, see The Icy Touch

The Icy Touch (French: La Caresse Glacée) was a secret mafia-like Wesen organization based in Marseilles, France, with operations abroad in Mexico and the United States. They established a new shipping headquarters in Portland, where they extorted humans and Wesen alike who refused to help them smuggle illegal drug ingredients. Their primary objective was to destroy every last member of the family of Johann Kessler, a Grimm who killed the Hundjäger Alberle Denswoz. Once this was accomplished, they hoped to rid the world of Grimms next. However, they met their match when confidential information was leaked to the Gegengewicht, which was quick to assault all their operations worldwide.


  • Dead Albert Denswoz
  • Federico Malo
  • Dead Jace Grogan
  • Dead Chance Weemes
  • Dead Pete Hergden
  • Dead Colney
  • Dead Roger
  • Marque Garnick
  • Danielle Lanive
  • Charley "Snarfer" Bonfield

Known AssociationsEdit

The Icy Touch is known to include the following races:

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