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This page lists characters, including Wesen, who appear only in "The Show Must Go On"


Actor Jarrod Zinn 316-Damien
316 Damien Daemonfeuer
Gender Male
Type Dämonfeuer
Status Living
Comments He was a carnival performer for the Carnival Metamorphosia, a Wesen carnival. There, he was known as "Damien, the Last Dragon," and he would woge for the audience and breathe fire, disguising it as a magic trick. When Hedig tried to escape the carnival after Max lost control of his Blutbad form during a performance, Damien, Ivan, and Genvieve cornered him in a house of mirrors, where Damien set Hedig on fire.


Actor Dan Considine 316-Sid
Gender Male
Type Unknown
Status Living
Comments Sid worked as a ticket taker for the carnival, and he managed the performers for the Carnival Metamorphosia.


Actor Bradley Hollibaugh 316-Ivan
316 Ivan woged2
Gender Male
Type Siegbarste
Status Living
Comments Ivan was a performer in the Wesen carnival, where he was known as "Ivan the Strongman." His act was to woge into a Siegbarste and crush two skulls together with his hands. When Hedig ran away from the carnival after Max lost control of his Wesen side during a performance, he, Genvieve, and Damien cornered him and killed him as revenge for Hedig's mistreatment of them.


Actor Katy Beckemeyer 316-Monica
Gender Female
Type Human
Status Deceased
Comments Monica was with her friend, Dolores, at the Carnival Metamorphosia. There, they saw the Wesen performers show their creature side, thinking it to be a magic trick. After seeing Max on the road, they took him home and attempted to seduce him, demanding to know how he did what he did during the show. She and Dolores were then murdered by Hedig in order to prevent them from calling the police, and Hedig then allowed Max to believe he (Max) had done so in a blind rage. Her full name was Monica Duncan.


Actor Sonya Davis 316-Dolores
Gender Female
Type Human
Status Deceased
Comments She and her friend, Monica, brought Max home after seeing him in the Carnival Metamorphosia. The two women then attempted to seduce the performer and demanded to know how he changed his face. They were later murdered that night by Hedig. Her full name was Dolores Kulikowsky.

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