This page lists characters, including Wesen, who appear only in "The Thing with Feathers"

Sheriff Munson

Actor Tim Blough Sheriff Munson
Gender Male
Type Unknown
Status Living
Comments Sheriff Munson is the sheriff of Whispering Pines, Oregon, and the cousin of Tim Steinkellner. He responded to Nick's domestic disturbance and homicide calls. He knew that Robin Steinkellner was a Seltenvogel. Munson was working with Tim to get the golden egg, and they planned to split the money. After Nick harvested the egg, he arrested Munson.

Gary Cardero

Actor Eric Riedman Gary Cardero
Gender Male
Type Human
Status Deceased
Comments Gary worked in a grocery store and was planning to leave town with Robin Steinkellner. However, he was killed by Tim Steinkellner while waiting for Robin. Robin later found his body in the driver's seat of his truck.


Actor Michael Sheets 116-Peter
Gender Male
Type Unknown
Status Living
Comments Peter was hired by Renard to play the role of Adalind's boyfriend. He entered Adalind's apartment and kissed her. The two then went to another room out of sight from Hank, who was watching outside in his car. When Peter was getting into his car, Hank threatened him at gunpoint to never return to Adalind's apartment again. This was all part of Renard's plan to make Hank jealous. Peter may have been some kind of Wesen, but he did not woge.

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