Thug 1

520-Thug 1

520-Thug 1 woged

Actor: Xander Steel
Gender: Male
Type: Malin Fatal
Service of: Black Claw
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shot by Nick

Thug 1 was a Malin Fatal Black Claw agent who first appeared in "Bad Night".


"Bad Night"Edit

He attempted to follow Nick, but Nick was well aware he was being followed and lured the thug into the woods, away from his partner. Nick then killed his partner, and when the thug returned to their vehicle and found his partner dead, he woged, and Nick shot and killed him as well.

"Set Up"Edit

Black Claw dumped his body and that of his partner's at Hank's house in order to provide reasonable cause for law enforcement personnel who were also Black Claw members to take Hank into their custody.

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