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Todd Milliner
Tod Milliner
Roles: Executive Producer
First Episode Written: "The Son Also Rises"
Last Episode Written: "The Son Also Rises"
Episodes Written: 1
More Info
IMDb: Todd Milliner
Twitter: @tmilliner1

Todd Milliner is an American producer, currently working on Grimm as an executive producer. In 2006, he came up with the general idea of Grimm while taking a shower.[1] He co-wrote the season 6 episode, "The Son Also Rises" with Nick Peet.

In college, his producing partner was Sean Hayes, and together, they created the production company Hazy Mills Productions. Todd Milliner's credits as a producer include Situation: Comedy (2005), What News? (2007), Man Stroke Woman (2008), and Hot in Cleveland (2010-2012). He has also acted in The Real Untouchables (2001) and Idol (2006), and he was a writer for the TV movie What News? (2007).


  1. The Idea of Grimm

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