This page lists characters, including Wesen, who appear only in "Tree People"


Actor D'Angelo Midili 609-Dev stabbed
Gender Male
Type Human
Status Deceased
Comments Dev was out poaching with his friend, Ralph Rotterman, when they spotted a deer in the woods. Ralph shined a spotlight on the deer so Dev could shoot it, which he did. Dev then got out of Ralph's truck and tracked the deer's blood to its body. As he got out a knife, he suddenly heard something in the woods, and he was quickly grabbed by a Kinoshimobe's vines by his feet. He yelled towards Ralph for help, who had gone to grab some beers from his truck and wasn't with him, but by the time Ralph found him, he was completely ensnared in vines, one of which stabbed him in the chest and killed him right in front of Ralph. Dev's body was taken to a Jubokko tree, where an image of his face with the expression of agony became part of the tree's bark.

Patty Vetvark

Actor Mikki Lipsey 609-Patricia Vetvark
Gender Female
Type Human
Status Deceased
Comments She had a long record of illegally dumping toxic waste in the woods for the company she worked for, G&K Waste Solutions, and she proceeded to dump more toxic waste in a forest that, unbeknown to her, was being protected by a Kinoshimobe. Later that night, the Kinoshimobe grabbed her with its vines and stabbed her in the back of her head/neck area, straight through her mouth, killing her. Like Dev before her, she was taken to a Jubokko tree, and an image of her face with the expression of agony became a permanent part of the tree's bark.

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