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Trubel's Machete
406-Trubel's Machete
Owned by: Theresa Rubel
Others: Josh Porter
Purpose: Protection/Killing
Location: With Trubel

The machete used by Trubel is the weapon she used to protect herself before she met Nick. After she has learned about the Grimm world, she used it less often than before. She had to use it to protect herself against Weston Steward, however, when he was going to attack her by cutting off his head after he shot Captain Renard. ("Blond Ambition") She also used it in her assigned missions for Hadrian's Wall. ("Star-Crossed") The machete broke when Trubel tried to use it to break open a window at the Postman's Cabin to escape after Zerstörer sealed her, Diana, and Kelly inside. ("The End")


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