Hello everyone,

It has been exactly 4 months since I created a blog post; today I want to talk about and gather all your comments about Grimm airing on Mondays for the first four weeks.

Ever since the show started it only aired on Fridays, except for one Thursday airing at 10/9c that didn't do well. With it moving to Mondays and a later time (10/9c);

1. How do you think it will do?
Do you think it will preform better or worse; and with it re-airing on Fridays at its normal time (9/8c), which showing do you think will get the most views? I personally favor Fridays, it's like a sweet treat for the end of the week;
2. What day do you prefer?

Since Grimm starts a whole two months earlier than last season,

3. How do you think the Season will be aired? -- When do you think they will take breaks and not air new episodes? Will the season end sooner?
Last season started in late October and there wasn't much continued new episodes. They took a break for Thanksgiving, then did a few weeks then took a 1-month-long Christmas break. After the new year, they had new episodes until February when it was sporadic. After the 2-week spring break, there were 2 full months of non-stop new Grimm episodes.

NOTE: Grimm returns to Fridays at 9/8c on Friday, September 14, 2012 for the 5th episode of season 2, unless otherwised changed by NBC. Grimm only airs on Mondays for the first four episodes.

Please respond to these questions and add any other comments you have about Season 2 and how its early premiere will affect Grimm.

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