Another thing that interest me, what would your rate as the most dangerous wesen? and which one after that? And which one after that? And so on, in other words, in what order would you rate the wesen?

Heres my list:

1) Siegbarste (Ogres)

2) Dämonfeuer (Dragons)

3) Skalenzahne (Crocodile/Aligator like)

4) Blutbad

5) Reapers

6) Hexenbiest

7) Hundjäger (dog like)

8) Spinitod (Spider Like) {Female}

8) Murciélago (Bat like)

9) Mellifers (bee like)

10) Jägerbär (Bear like)

11) Lausenschlange (Snake like)

12) Klaustreich (Cat like)

13) Geier (Vulture like)

14) Skalengeck (lizard like)

15) Lowen (Lion Like)

Well thats my list, if anyone has there own list or any disagrements, please put them below, I love to here your opinion.

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