I'm curious, this seems to be a very realistic fantasy series, forexample the orgers powers (durability, strength) were explained as thick skin, dull nerve endings and unusally dense bones. The Dragons abbility to breath fire, as excess fat producing famible gases in the stomachs. The Bluebeards attraction, as incredible pheromone production.

My point is, whenever a wesen appears, it usually has all its supernatural abbilities explained by semi-scientific reasons, don't get me wrong, its not I do't like this, I feel it does add a touch of relism to the show, well what I'm wondering is, is there anything that appears in the show, that is genuine Magic/supernatural?

And truthfully there are only two things I can think of, the Wesens abbility to pass as humans, which I still can't help wonder if they physically transform, or if they are able to mentally make people see them as humans, and the rat like Wesens power to control rats with music.

Are there any other things that are genuinily magic? Or is it all a unusually realistic fantasy series?

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