A race of elephant-like Wesen that are large in size but quite kind-natured despite their imtimidating size and bulk.

They are remarkably strong and are also very intelligent even though most of the time they are percieved as being brutish.

Both females and males have a very powerful memory and remember just about anything that goes on,  like the old saying goes..."An elephant never forgets".

In woged state they bulk up quite a bit and their ears grow larger and more elephant-like as tusks protude out of their lip,  and they develop bumpy grey skin and a semi trunk-like nose.

Most of these types do not tend to be vicious,   but if someone they love dearly is hurt in anyway they will fiercely defend that person no matter what the cost.

When alarmed,   they will form a circle of others in order to protect the younger members of their families as they are very family oriented.

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