Hey, Grimmsters and other contributors to the wiki of Grimm. I just want to say....Well, goodbye. I stopped watching after the fifth episode of season five, and for some reason besides schoolwork, I never got myself back into the show (and it's not just because Bitsie returned from the show, don't even get started on that), and I feel like I'm never going to watch the show, even if I get the complete collection on either DVD or Blu-ray. You see, guys, I just got uninterested in returning to watch the show, and I never liked the way they had every character that was 'Main' return alive at the very end. It reminded me of Criminal Minds where as long as you're a member of the BAU, you're pretty much un-killable, something that I utterly dislike. Now, however, the show has finally ended, and regardless of popular belief, I highly doubt that spin-offs and other things for the show will come, because despite at least 4 million views, the show just doesn't have the highest ratings when it was on. Now, as much as I sound like a hater, I'm actually not, I just don't think more things related to the show will come. It just seems highly unlikely in my opinion.

So because of my utter lack of interest, and since the show is finally over, I'm announcing my leave. Despite my leave, my journey of contributing to other wikis is not over yet, it's just that my contribution here is ending now. I wish any contributor here good luck if they ever find another wiki that catches their interest. I just think since the show is over, I will find a lack of pages to contribute to, and maybe too soon.

I want to apologise for my anger towards Syscrash. As much as I heavily argued with him/her, I didn't in the end wanted him/her to be removed from the wiki or banned. It is a privilege to be here for anyone, not just me.

Good luck, Grimmsters. If anyone reads this, please leave a comment, and I will respond with a goodbye to you.

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