Grimm is going to be airing it's very last episode in just a couple of days. I know shows have to end at some point (although I don't know why a ton of anime last so long though), but that's not what I want to know. The truth is...What will happen after the show ends? Most of the users here only contribute to this wiki, and once the show ends and no other news of spin-offs or anything for this show will cause it to be completely abandoned. I haven't been around for years since I learned that Bitsie Tulloch returned (good actress, but her eyes don't match up the rest of her face) mainly because I felt it ruined the whole 'vengeance' part of Season 5. But still, what's gonna happen when the show is finally done for good? A wiki can only do so much, and a lack of new material for here will make the wiki go completely drained of population. As much as I'm not a fan of the show, I don't want it to be just a barren wasteland, more than Jakku in the Star Wars universe. Will we just simply have to act like it doesn't exist anymore, or even just pretend it reached its end when there is so much more content to explore? I don't know for certain, but when the show ends, in here, I won't know what to do.

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