Hey, fellow grimmsters, it is I Scout Trooper 164 returning with another blog. You may be wondering where I was this whole time? Well, truth be told, I disappeared during Season 5 of the show after I saw Bitsie Tulloch return (as much as I get the part of never being truly dead, I can't help but feel like that ruined the whole 'vengeance' part of the season for me). Then, during the December of 2016, my computer ended up dying out because the processor burnt up (I am looking at a new PC on Best Buy right now, the CyberPowerPC to be precise), making editing, if I ever wanted to, a whole lot harder. I think though I'm glad I disappeared for a while, because it helped clear my head from here about the anger I caused here, and it made things a bit more quiet here on the wiki. I just wish I could apologize for my random disappearance on this wiki, because it's like running away after you lose your family dog. Today is going to be the final episode of Grimm airing, and I'm not going to watch it, maybe wait for the complete collection. But anyway, fellow monsters, have a goodnight, and make sure the Wesen behave.

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