I have a challenge for one person who chooses to accept. I want that person to come up with scientific names for the wesen that we already know what they look like. This includes all the wesen we have seen in person and the ones we have seen in the books ( i.e. Mordstier, Rissfleisch). This excludes  wesen such as the Waschbar, Rotznasig Carcuju, or the Waage. I am intereted to see what you come up with!

It is now time to list the official scientific names for the following wesen. Some of them are your direct descisions and some of them I adapted from your descisions. You all did an amazing job and I am excited by your love of binomial nomenclature! I also incourage you to make scientific names for your own wesen. These are the official scientific names of wesen:

Spinnetod- Homo aranea vidua

Siegbarste- Homo odium

Wildermann- Homo blackwoodensis

Reinigen- Homo rattus

Mauzhertz- Homo mus timorous

Stangebar- Homo hystrix pacatus

Eisbiber- Homo castor anicus

Blutbad- Homo canis strages

Fuchsbau- Homo vulpes callidus

Schakal- Homo canis cleptes

Coyotl- Homo canis salaco

Hundjager- Homo canis vitiosus

Klaustreich- Homo felis facinore

Lowen- Homo felis pugnator

Balam- Homo felis illabantur

Rissfleisch- Homo felis inpetus

Mellifer- Homo insecta mella

Lebensauger- Homo hirudo dentem

Drang-Zorn- Homo mustela ira

Rotznasig Carcaju- Homo mustela gulo

Geier- Homo avis vultur

Ziegevolk- Homo capra pyladea

Seelengut- Homo capra gregem

Bauerschwein- Homo sus rusticus

Jagebar- Homo ursus venator

Murcielago- Homo vespertilio clangendum

Nuckelavee- Homo equus daemonium

Dickfellig- Homo rinoceras

Skalenzahne- Homo crocodilus dentem

Daemonfeur- Homo draco ignis

Skalengeck- Homo lacerta medicamento

Genio Innocuo- Homo testudo intelligens

Mordstier- Homo taurus

Hasslich- Homo troglodytarum

Lausenschlange- Homo anguis pedis

Konigschlange- Homo anguis rex

Seltenvogel- Homo avis rara

Steinadler- Homo avis aquila

Hexenbiest- Homo praecantrix

Mauvais Dentes- Homo felis dentium

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