• Theory of everything

    As we enter the second season many new questions arise and many old questions as yet remain unanswered and open for speculation. So lets speculate. First some of the questions.


    He has stated he wants to regain the power he has lost but why and how did he loose his royal standing in the first place?


    An interesting question and too early in the season to know…..or is it?


    We have had Renard say it is handy to have a Grimm around and on his side but is that the only reason?

    After the conclusion of the second part of the season two premiere, we may have some clues that will lead to the answers. …

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  • Theory of everything

    Grimm's back and based on part one its back in full force. Everything flowed nicely from last season's cliffhanger and most of our favorite characters are back (sans the ex-Hexenbeist Adelind). From the first mysterious and gory scene I knew this episode would not disapoint. All was not pefect however. I hate the new intro with its lame narration. I know NBC is trying to gather new viewers and decided they needed a little "background" info for those just coming aboard but it sounded a little too cheesy for my taste. I also was disappointed in Hank (as usual). He was left in a nearly nervous breakdown last season and we see he still had locked himself in his apartment with shotgun ready. But suddenly, he was back with Nick on a case almo…

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  • Theory of everything

    Since I last speculated in Part Three about the significance of the key and the apparent map it provides when dipped in ink, we have seen Nick transpose the key map over another map. In examining the close up images of the two maps, some interesting details are revealed which may enable us to better pinpoint the location the map represents and possibly clues to this underlining mystery on Grimm.

    We see various “cities” listed. The most significant is the community of Lugdunnum.

    Lugdunnum was a Roman city in Gaul (France) founded in 43 B.C.. So we immediately know that Nick is not looking at a modern map of France but one of Roman times. Lugdunnum today is the French city of Lyon.

    Lugdunnum was the administrative center of Gaul and Germany dur…

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  • Theory of everything

    Grimm: A Definition--

    A creature hunter who is a descendent of the Brothers Grimm. The only one who can truly see creatures called Wesen for their true selves. It is a Grimm’s duty to track and kill all Wesen who pose a threat to humanity.If we accept all or part of the previous definition then the first question we have to ask is if Grimms are the descendents of the Brothers Grimm, then who where these brothers?

    Officially, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were linguists who researched German dialects. They also were fascinated with and collected German Folk tales culminating in the publications of a series of folk or fairy tales titled Grimm’s Fairy Tales, but was that actually the truth? Were the Grimms something else altogether?

    The Grimm mytholog…

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  • Theory of everything

    Another mystery of Grimm is the key handed over to Nick by his Aunt Marie Kessler with instructions to protect it at all costs. Since then we have learned this key is apparently sought by many factions. So the question remains what exactly does this key represent? Lets speculate.


    Lets first examine keys as depicted in fables of the past. Two stories that come to mind are both called The Golden Key.

    The Brothers Grimm story, The Golden Key, tells of a boy who discovers a key and eventually an iron box in the forest, however the story abruptly ends as we are told we will have to wait for the boy to open the box before the story can continue.

    The second fable also titled The Golden Key was written in 1867 by Scottish writer Georg…

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