Grimm's back and based on part one its back in full force. Everything flowed nicely from last season's cliffhanger and most of our favorite characters are back (sans the ex-Hexenbeist Adelind). From the first mysterious and gory scene I knew this episode would not disapoint. All was not pefect however. I hate the new intro with its lame narration. I know NBC is trying to gather new viewers and decided they needed a little "background" info for those just coming aboard but it sounded a little too cheesy for my taste. I also was disappointed in Hank (as usual). He was left in a nearly nervous breakdown last season and we see he still had locked himself in his apartment with shotgun ready. But suddenly, he was back with Nick on a case almost like nothing happened. He still seemed paranoid but I was hoping he'd go totally off the deep end. It would make a really intersting side story.

Julliette really had a tough acting job being in a coma but who slapped the ton of makeup on her face? She looked like a dolled up mannequin. Wu wasn't craking the bad jokes like he usually does but Monroe was back in fine form not only holding himself back from an all out battle with Mother Grimm (which was probably wise on his part) but his joke about his last family reunion resulting in the death of two cousins and a sheep dog and how they all missed the dog was classic.

Finally, though I knew it was a two parter, it seemed to go by fast and I was disappointed I now had to wait til next week. Although I hope they continue to do more "connected' stories this season to help answer questions about the mythology and get away from the dreadful "creature of the week" they fell into too many times the first season. All in all a great start! Lets hope they can keep the quality consistent.

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