Participants: Wesen
Location: Worldwide

Engaging in Vertrautheiten (fair-TROUT-hahyt-n; Ger. "familiarities") is a way for two different species of Wesen, such as Blutbaden and Fuchsbaus, to establish a bond and gain one another's trust. It involves the two Wesen simultaneously memorizing each other's scent in their woged forms, taking a few seconds to rub up against and smell both sides of the other Wesen's head and neck.

The act of Vertrautheiten is considered a sacred thing for Wesen to do, and due to its inherent openness and sincere vulnerability, it is symbolic of a peace offering or a possible way for two Wesen to begin to resolve their differences, as was the case with Alice and Rosalee. ("Revelation")


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