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Voice of Hunger is the second mission in Iberia in Grimm: Dark Legacy. It has a difficulty rating of 1/3.


December 1492

Christian Monarchs may have taken back their Kingdom from the hands of Muslims, but people struggled with the transition. Especially merchants. They literally tried to rob me with their prices in Plasencia. Porco Dio! I would have rather eaten my own belt than pay for their cheese!

I had no other choice now but hunt my own meals if I wanted some food in my stomach and survive another day. I was so hungry, any animal would have done!


  • Hunt and Collect Flesh from Animals (4)



Missions of Dark Legacy


The Journey Begins


Survive the Night Voice of Hunger Farmer In Trouble Iberian Escape


Hot Weather, Cold Welcome Seek a Sufi

Side Missions

Leisure Hunt

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