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Other languages: German: Urzeitwesen
Hungarian: Vadember
Russian: Диколюд
Spanish: Wildermann
Tibetian: Miche
Notables: Dead Konstantin Brinkerhoff
Dead Larry Mackenzie
Dead Alan Evercroft
Dead Dan Murray
Travis (likely)
Dead Henry David Thoreau
Dead Ralph Waldo Emerson
Dead Henry Abbey
Dead Gao Li
TV Show: "Big Feet"
Comics: Grimm: The Warlock Issue 3
Grimm: The Warlock Issue 4
Referenced: "To Protect and Serve Man"

A Wildermann (VIL-dər-maan; pl. -männer; Germ. wilder Mann "wild man"), (also known as Bigfoot, Miche ("man bear"), Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman (a mistranslation of the Tibetan phrase for "dirty man in the snow"), Woodwose, or Skunk Ape) is a hominid-like Wesen that appeared in "Big Feet".


"Big Feet"Edit


Possibly one of the most well-established Wesen in human folklore, the Wildermann is documented not only in the world-wide phenomena of Sasquatch-like beings, but were also depicted throughout the art and tales of many medieval European cultures. They traditionally are shown as solitary men or women covered in hair. In archaic English they were known as the Woodwose ('wose' derived from the same root as Wesen).


When they woge Wildermänner experience an explosive growth of hair. Their hair is hominid in form, except it has a second outer layer covered in small spines. The outer layer is supported by a single-helical structure. Wildermänner also gain a more ape like face including a strong protruding jaw with enlarged canines. Most notably, Wildermänner have enormous feet capable of leaving deep impressions in the ground, hence they are known as Bigfoot.

Wildermänner are incredibly strong and are more than capable of tearing a full grown man to shreds and causally overpowering Blutbaden. They are incredibly fast for their size and are capable of traversing large distances in a short amount of time. While Wildermänner have high levels of stamina and pain tolerance, they are no more durable than humans.


Ironically, despite their rather frightening appearance, Wildermänner are normally a very friendly Wesen species. Wildermänner tend to be loners who enjoy nature and activities such as campfires, hiking and camping. Despite their peaceful natures, Wildermänner will resort to violence when they feel it is necessary. When enraged, a Wildermann is a terrifying sight to behold.

Many Wildermänner are highly conscience about their Woge. Consequently they will seek professional psychiatric help worrying they suffer from a lack of impulse control, when in fact they do not.

Famous Wildermänner have historically been poets and supporters of transcendentalism. They neither reject civilization nor fully embrace wilderness, representing their solitary preferences while also showing their unwillingness to give in completely to their inner beast.


See alsoEdit

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