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Woge Plague refers to an outbreak in the late 1800s in a small Hungarian village.


Soffya, a Grimm, encountered a Wechselbalg who duplicated, but did not kill her. Following the encounter, both Soffya and the Wechselbalg became carriers of an epidemic that would affect Wesen for miles around. All Wesen who came in contact with either of them would be exposed to it, and it was so highly contagious that it could not be contained.


The main symptom of the Plague was the Ewig Woge. Anyone who came in close contact with a sick individual would contract the highly contagious disease and would become a carrier themselves.


The Wesen Council saw this as a serious problem, since the Ewig Woge clearly breached the Gesetzbuch Ehrenkodex. Their solution to the problem became known as die Zeit Totzuschlagen.

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